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Fr Gerry Campbell

Fr Gerry Campbell

Dear Friends,

On the 24th June last, Archbishop Eamon Martin, Primate Of All Ireland, launched MyPrayer.ie at the Annual Charismatic Conference in the RDS.

Archbishop Eamon in his talk spoke strongly of MyPrayer.ie being a new and creative way of providing a space and opportunity for prayer online urging as many as possible to register and join this initiative conceived in prayer. He has for some time felt the need for an Apostolate of Prayer for Ireland but hopefully through Myprayer.ie it will become a world-wide apostolate within the universal Church. This is in keeping with Pope Francis encouragement to all Christians to go on the digital highways and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

The purpose of Myprayer.ie is:

• To give people a safe space to share their prayer with others.

• To make requests for prayer online.

• To pray for the intentions of those who have requested prayer.

• To share how God has answered prayer.

Testimonies and teachings will also feature as part of the service.

The goal of the initiative is to have every single religious house, prayer group and parish throughout Ireland and internationally register their interest for this initiative so that as soon as its fully live in September it can be opened to anyone who asks for prayer.

Already, hundreds of people have registered as intercessors for those who request prayer. If any faithful would like to register as an intercessor, the requirements are:

1. To pray daily for the intentions of those who request prayer

2. To pray with others e.g. family, community for those intentions.

3. To be a missionary of prayer by getting others involved in this apostolate.

Please note we are not asking for any money. The service is naturally free. All we ask is for you to bring this website to the attention of your parishioners, your brothers and sisters in the faith and ask them to log into the site so that they can view the video and sign up as intercessors if they are interested.

If you have any questions or thoughts please email me [email protected] or feel free to write back.

May God continue to bless you,

Sincerely in the most Holy Trinity,

Co-Director MyPrayer.ie

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